Campost-YunusPay, it’s clear prices, suitable for everyone and without hidden costs

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Creating your Campost-YunusPay account is completely free. Bring your ID and your smartphone to open a free Campost-YunusPay account.

YunusPay tenue de compte

Account management

Whether or not you use your account Campost-YunusPay, you will not be charged any account maintenance fees billed.

Agences Campost-YunusPay


Money deposits are free. Bring your cash and drop it off at your favorite Campost branch or at one of our partners.

YunusPay | Service: paiement


Payments at your favorite merchants are free. Pay directly from your mobile phone. Payment is received instantly by your merchant.

YunusPay | Service: transfert d'argent

Money transfer

Transfer money instantly with only 0.3% fee (on the amount sent). Transfer fees cannot exceed 300FCFA per transfer.

YunusPay | Service: retrait


Withdraw cash at your favorite CAMPOST branch or at one of our partners. Withdrawal fees amount to 1% and cannot exceed 3500FCFA per withdrawal.

Download the Campost-YunusPay app from your smartphone and open your account for free

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